Writing by the Artist

   Art Topics

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  "Brooklyn Tech's Magnificent Mural, The History of Mankind in Terms of Mental and Physical Labor'
            brochure produced by The Brooklyn Tech Alumni Association

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           Conservation and Maintenance of Contemporary Public Art, edited by Hafthor Yngvason, includes essay
                        An Economical Approach to Conservation by Gregory W. Frux

Stamp Articles

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Medieval Studies

    "Life in Thirteenth Century Novgorod" 64 page booklet in The Compleat Anchronist series, #99,
                    published by The Society for Creative Anachronism 1998, illustrations by the author


        "Bernardo Guarachi, An Aymara Alpinist" Bolivia Hall of Fame Website

        "Journey to the Lotus" Whole Terrain: Risk issue, volume 13, 2004/2005